The advantages of gambling in Online Casinos

Have you ever asked yourself what are the advantages of gambling in Online Casinos as opposite to land-based ones? Well, I have, so I researched the Internet and what I found out is that there are huge advantages which mainly have to do with space, time and other factors related to players and playing. Let me explain more thoroughly.
In the past, when online casinos were not yet invented what you had to do to gamble was an intricate routine that involved driving and/or flying to a casino, booking a place to stay, dressing up for the occasion, gambling only at the games that were available in that particular casino with other gamblers (who either were or were not disturbing, intervening and/or influencing your game) and when you had to come home (because your schedule didn't permit you to stay any longer) you had to go through the tiresome toil of checking out and coming back home. In my view that takes the fun out of an activity that is meant to be enjoyed, gambling.
With the invention of online casinos all this changed drastically. First of all let us consider the issue of space. As opposed to land-based casinos which are buildings that can be found only in certain areas and which house only a certain number of gambling opportunities, an online casino is in your room, at your fingertips via a computer and an internet connection. Also because it does not occupy any physical space, only a chunk of cyberspace -which is infinite by the way- there is no limit to the types of games you can gamble at; a good online casino not only has all the games for you, but it has the newest ones too. And don't forget the fact that you don't have to go anywhere to gamble, so you don't have to drive or pay for an airplane, you don't need to book a place in a hotel and you don't have to dress up, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
This brings us to the second part of my explanation, all the things you have to do to gamble at a land-based casino (going there, accommodation, dressing and coming back home) is time consuming and as we all know time is money. If you chose an online casino, you chose to save all that time (and thus money) for doing what you like, gambling. Time is important from another point of view, because in an online casino you do not have to wait for tables and slot machines to be free, because there is no limit to the number of tables and slot machines that run at the same time. Another important factor concerning time is the pace: because you are not limited to the time you freed for yourself to go to a land-based casino, at home you can gamble at the pace and rhythm dictated not by the time you have remaining until you have to leave, but simply how much you want to play each day.
Besides all these advantages that sprung from the time and space factor there are some others which are related mostly to playing and players.
Experience in gambling is very important, and this experience is acquired with practice, but in land- based casinos you have to practice with your money which in most cases is not that lucrative… Online casinos changed this because there are many options of practicing for free, so they give you the opportunity to be experienced before starting to play for money. Another great feature of online casinos is the bonus: because an internet-based casino needs many users or gamblers to be a successful one, their interest lie in keeping each and every user at their online casino, so they offer all sorts of bonuses that attract gamblers. These two features are only available to online casinos; land-based ones don't have them.
Some people would say that a disadvantage to online gambling is 'the lack of the experience of actually being there'. To those people I can say two things that are likely to change their opinion. One would be that there are some interactive online casinos, called live casinos where you can not only play, but you can hear, see and be part of a live casino environment. The other thing is that as we saw earlier, there are so many advantages to gambling in online casinos that the one and only advantage of a land-based casino of 'the experience of being there' fades and becomes insignificant.
So, all in all, if you have to chose where to gamble, be smart and chose an online casino because it truly offers you what you want: a homely and familiar environment, access to every variation of games, opportunities of practice and wining bonuses, and most importantly, time for gambling, without the extra hustle and bustle that comes with gambling in land-based casinos.

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december 29 2016